This course is for you if:

  • You experience worrisome thoughts or overthinking

  • You feel blocked by anxious or depressive thoughts

  • You are always thinking ahead about what is to come

  • You find it difficult to move on from past events

  • You are interested in self-exploration

  • You wish to gain greater insight and awareness

  • You are ready to raise your consciousness to elevate to a new way of being

  • You want to Free your Mind from that which no longer serves you

I invite you to dive deep within to become aware of your thoughts, to understand the power of your mind and how your thoughts are directing your life at present. As you navigate through the course you will come to understand your inner truths and will learn how to redirect your thoughts to fulfill your soul desires with focus, clarity and intention.

Our thinking mind tends to operate from a place of the familiar, the learned experience of the past which often means we continue to replay the old and outdated constructs of limitation and fear. This type of thinking holds us in the trance of the past and hinders our presence of mind in the creative flow of now! This course offers an opportunity to FREE YOUR MIND from these old scripts through a guided process which invites you to deepen into the truth of who you really are. Each module brings you on a quest to understand the way you think and offers powerful tools and interventions to overcome unhelpful thinking styles in order to harness the power of your mind and elevate your conscious awareness.

"I found Vivianne to be an excellent trainer as she was very approachable & she had some very thought provoking questions"


Using psychological and therapeutic interventions from modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Psychosynthesis & more, Vivianne has prepared the following modules to guide you through a process of change and transformation. Each module offers a theoretical framework which is then consolidated through experiential exercises, reflection, journalling, art practices & discussion. The path through the course is designed to guide you inwards to aid your understanding and to gain insight and awareness. You will learn how to move from low order and unhelpful thinking to objective and creative thinking styles. Additional resources are offered should you wish to read more about the topics discussed in each module. Grant yourself the gift of a free mind by embarking on this course. You will never think the same way again.

  • Module 1 - THE THINKING MIND - Understand how our mind works, from the impact of our nervous system on our thoughts to the impact of our thoughts on our emotions, physicality and behaviour. Gain insight to where our mind goes in the downtime

  • Module 2 - BUILDING AWARENESS - Become the observer of your own thoughts & learn to identify the pitfalls in your thinking. Examine the process of your own thoughts to understand the changes needed going forward

  • Module 3 - UNHELPFUL THINKING STYLES - Identify your unhelpful thinking styles as Vivianne offers the most common examples of unhelpful patterns in our thinking. Establish alternative approaches to these styles of thinking

  • Module 4 - UNDERLYING BELIEFS - Recognise the unhelpful beliefs that are fueling your thoughts and understand the underlying need behind these beliefs

  • Module 5 - CHOICE OF CHANGE - Create change by becoming inspired again through vision journeys and creative processes

  • Module 6 - EMOTIONAL CHARGE - Delve into the emotions associated with your thoughts and beliefs. Navigate through emotion with a guided, supportive practice

  • Module 7 - RAISING VIBRATIONS - Raise your energetic frequency through experiential exercises of intention setting, gratitude practices, embodiment exercises and meditation

  • Module 8 - BUILDING TRUST - Establish a relationship of trust with yourself through a committed practice of routine mind elevating stategies

Are you ready for a journey to transform your thoughts?

  • 10 pre-recorded videos

    Vivianne will guide you through each module through pre-recorded content, offering a theoretical framework for each subject.

  • 6 audio downloads

    Vivianne has specifically prepared complimentary audio relaxations and visualisations to enhance the learning process of the modules.

  • 28 page Elevated Thinking Guide

    Vivianne has prepared a complimentary workbook to aid your learning and consolidate the theory throughout the course. This offers a place to record your thought processes as you navigate through the content of each module.

"Thank you for the spiritual awakening. I am very grateful."

Certificate of completion offering 10 hours CPD

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About Vivianne Maloney

Vivianne Maloney is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist holding a Master of Arts in Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy and is an accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP). She also holds a National Diploma in Art & Fashion Design from the Limerick School of Art & Design. Vivianne’s approach to Counselling is integrative, calling on both her creative and therapeutic skills. These skills include Person-Centred Approach, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, Loss and Bereavement Counselling, Psychodynamic Perspectives, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Advanced Counselling Skills and Psychosynthesis. Having a previous background in Art & Fashion Design, she also has a great interest in Art Therapy and incorporates this into her work. Vivianne offers Counselling in private practice both online and face-to-face in Castlebar, Co. Mayo. Vivianne also authors and facilitates her own training programmes online and in conjunction with many charitable organisations. She is the contract trainer in the West for Aware – the National Organisation for Depression and Bi-Polar. In this capacity she delivers ‘The Life Skills Programme’ and ‘The Relative’s Programme’ nationally. Vivianne’s approach as a trainer & facilitator is a person-centered approach, in which she calls on her therapeutic & communication skills to value each individual to aid their growth and learning. All of her courses incorporate learning opportunities from different modalities to facilitate the different learning styles and personality types. Vivianne's first online course in collaboration with Anokha Learning – ‘Build Your Self-Esteem & Wellbeing’ - has been approved by the Department of Education & Skills in Ireland for EPV Certification.